Micregen's goal is to promote longevity and prolong the period of quality, active life.

A Novel Approach to Address Multiple Aspects of Ageing

New treatment and healthcare improvements over the last fifty years have helped save and extend lives. Consequently, we now have an increasingly ageing population who suffer with multiple morbidities. Healthcare systems around the world are under pressure to cope.

Solutions to address these issues have the potential to simultaneously deliver substantial economic improvement for global health services, whilst providing significant benefits to humanity.

The use of stem cell-based therapy in the field of regenerative medicine is considered one of the most promising anti-ageing approaches. However, research into whole mesenchymal stem cell transplantation therapy has identified limitations to this area of study.

In 1993, Micregen’s Chief Scientist (CSO) discovered that the paracrine factors secreted from stem cells were mainly responsible for the repair and regeneration of tissue, rather than the whole cell itself. This finding, with further development over three decades, has gained widespread acceptance in published literature.

Since then, with collaborators, Micregen’s CSO has delivered cutting-edge autologous treatments (the use of an individual’s own cell-sourced secretome) to hundreds of elite athletes as well as Micregen’s CEO in 2012.

The CEO & CSO founded Micregen together in 2015 with a leading team of biotech industry and stem cell experts with the goal of making secretome treatment more widely available. Micregen’s aim is to tackle the root cause of degenerative conditions associated with ageing rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Micregen’s geroscience research focuses on the development of stem cell-derived secretome therapy and developing a novel platform technology to produce new multifactorial allogeneic secretomes (from a single cell source to treat many patients), referred to as Secretomix® to produce therapeutics that could be potentially used by everyone (allogeneic).

Micregen has created an unlimited GMP cell bank supply without the need to continually collect fresh tissue from donors, which has many challenges, including product variability. Secretomix® can be scaled, manufactured consistently, stored long-term without the need for ultra-cold conditions, and administered immediately at the point of care.

Secretomix® represents a potential paradigm shift in regenerative medicine and patient care. Through the secretome’s ability to simultaneously act on numerous cell signalling pathways, Micregen aims to provide a novel treatment for multiple conditions associated with ageing.

Micregen has developed an innovative methodology that initially challenged established conventions. This allowed Micregen to research some of the effects of various stem cell secretomes and to progress the development of the technology relatively undetected. Today, this methodology is anticipated to become a new novel field of medicine.

The Secretomix® platform is designed to create various secretome formulations for different diseases.

Secretomix® are multi-component biologics containing over 2,000 components which act to enhance multiple aspects of tissue repair and regeneration relevant to many hallmarks of ageing. These include miRNA, Exosomes, Cytokines, Anti-inflammatory factors, lipids and proteins, including growth factors.

Stem cell secretomes have been proven to stimulate tissue repair, modulate inflammation and scarring, improve blood flow, and generate a pro-regenerative micro-environment across various organs and tissue types (Tran and Damaser 2015, Kusuma, Carthew et al. 2017, Haque N. 2018).

The Extracellular Vesicle (EV) component of Micregen’s product is able to access many areas of the body to facilitate repair and regeneration. Interestingly, certain secretome EVs have been shown to cross the Blood Brain Barrier, providing the potential to treat certain neurological diseases (Ramos-Zaldívar, Polakovicova et al. 2022).

Micregen believes that their innovative approach in developing the Secretomix® platform to produce various optimised secretome formulations from its first clinical grade master and working cell banks, could change how a number of critical and chronic problems associated with ageing are managed.

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