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The Healthy Ageing Industry has the potential to simultaneously deliver substantial ROIs whilst providing enormous benefits to humanity.

Micregen is a private UK-registered company whose purpose is to increase healthspan to prolong the period of life that can be actively lived.

Wholly owned by the founders, private family office, angel investors and life science professionals. Micregen is managed by a Board with considerable industry and business expertise. ​​

Micregen’s aims sit squarely with the UK Government’s ambitious target to increase the healthy life expectancy of the UK population by five years by 2035.

Following Micregen’s CSO’s pioneering discoveries in 1993 and a series of scientific breakthroughs over many years of stem cell geroscience research experience, Micregen believes they have uncovered certain techniques that initially flew against established scientific convention. This has allowed Micregen to progress its technology relatively undetected for several years.

Careful use of funds and strong academic, clinical, and industry support has allowed Micregen to develop and optimise the Secretomix® platform and progress to the manufacture of its first clinical-grade product.

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We welcome interest from potential investors who want to know more about our cutting-edge innovation.

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Making an Impact Investment

A recent survey conducted by the Department for International Development highlighted that more than 68% of savers in the UK wanted their investments to be good for people and the planet. This sentiment is well aligned with Micregen’s ambition.

Investing for positive impact goes beyond avoiding harm and mitigating risks and is at the centre of a broader movement towards more responsible investing.

For Investors, Micregen meets the following criteria:
Early deal access to a private company targeting an emerging area of life science
Disruptive first-in-class opportunity
Ambitious strategy to address areas of high unmet need
Significant global market potential
Proprietary platform technology with potentially wide utility across diseases
Highly scalable opportunity
EIS Relief for qualifying investors
Experienced and passionate team capitalising on the founders’ lifetime work
Extensive Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) advisor network & 3rd party validation
An ethical business aiming to generate a meaningful difference to society.

We look forward to contact from anyone who shares our values, ambition, and passion for healthcare of the future.

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