One of Micregen’s Founders and Clinical Consultant, Prof. Paolo De Coppi, has been making the news recently. Having his work featured in some of the world’s leading Scientific publications, like Nature Medicine and New Scientist, plus the Financial Times and the BBC.

In a world first, Professor De Coppi and two colleagues at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London have successfully grown ‘Mini Organs’ (organoids) from stem cells. This pioneering work opens new doors in perinatal medicine, allowing for the observation and potential treatment of conditions immediately before and after birth…[Read More]

Micregen are planning to utilise organoids developed by the Great Ormond Street Hospital team to test the efficacy of Secretomix® produced from its award-winning Secretomix® Platform technology at the hospital starting this year.

Secretomix® offers a multifaceted approach to tackling the root causes of degenerative conditions associated with ageing, promising significant benefits in both adults and children.