Today marks an exciting moment as we extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to our newly appointed Managing Director, Dr Athanasios Papadopoulos.

With a distinguished career, Dr Papadopoulos brings over 20 years of global biopharmaceutical expertise to our team. His journey has seen him occupy over the past years, key leadership and executive positions in big pharma companies like Novartis and Sanofi, and also at Emergex Vaccines Holding Ltd, as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer where he contributed to pioneering a groundbreaking approach to vaccine development and immunopotentiation, utilising cutting-edge technologies to create novel pharmaceuticals.

Dr Papadopoulos held pivotal roles in the research, development and global marketing authorisations of novel biologicals and medications bringing life-saving vaccines to the public, like the first vaccine approved to combat Dengue fever Dengvaxia®, the Fluad®, the Bexsero®, plus others.

As Managing Director at Micregen, he will implement strategic plans, oversee day-to-day operations, and work closely with our team to drive the company’s vision of increasing healthspan and prolonging the period of quality active life, by leveraging our award winning Secretomix® platform technology to tackle the root-causes of ageing, rather than treating individual symptoms.

In addition to being an exceptional Biotech leader, Dr Papadopoulos is also a brilliant polyglot, fluent in English, Italian, French, Greek and Bulgarian.

Athan is a great addition to our team of leading stem cell scientists that have published hundreds of peer-reviewed stem cell related papers and our commercial experts who have led IPOs, business sales and multi-billion-dollar transactions in the life science industry.